I am a passionate developer and lecturer with a research background. Check out my site to find out more about me and my projects or contact me for a custom offer.

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I started my professional career as a salesman, project manager, and consultant for construction glass. Later I studied media informatics at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences at the department of MultiMediaTechnology.

During my bachelor's degree, I focused on computer vision, mixed reality, and game development. In my master’s studies, topics like data visualization, project management, and data science came into focus.

After my studies, my academic career started in teaching and research. In addition to my work as a lecturer, I am currently also working as a freelancer. Thanks to a strong network of collaborators, I can implement complex projects from academic and industrial areas.


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Austrian CG Award 2015

Best Game
Project Yokaisho

Austrian CG Award 2016

Best Game, Best Student Project
Projekt NIVA

Order for Disaster Relief

State of Salzburg

Science Award 2017

AK Salzburg



YoKaisho is the combination of a modern day tablet app and a tra- ditional board game. While designing the game it was important to our team that we would create a game which has the typical cozy and collaborative features of a board game as well as the great possibilities and actions of a video game. Inspired by Japan's myths and culture YoKaisho features a very unique style and gameplay. It was created using Unity and Vuforia.

  • Board Game
  • AR
  • Android


NIVA is a pacifistic exploration art game. The player slips into the role of a mighty forest god to restore the harmony in a mesmerizing forest and relieve it of a mysterious infestation. NIVA's scenic art style, relaxing music and simple but intriguing game mechanics invite to explore the forest and have a rest from the stressful everyday life.

  • Master-Project
  • Game


The accurate assessment of nutrition information is a challenging task, but crucial for people with certain diseases, such as diabetes. This app for mobile devices with a depth sensor assists the users in portion estimation using augumented reality technologies. This Project was part of my master thesis.

  • Tango
  • Android


The NetIdee-sponsored research project “SmartSignCapture” relies on the transfer of signs to 3D avatars. Hand and arm movements are entered in detail using the personal smartphone and used as input for animating an online 3D avatar. Additional components of the sign, such as the Facial expressions can be adjusted. Sign language is finding its way onto the internet.

  • Android
  • Web

Ecomedicine VR

This exergame, which was developed as part of a joint research project between the Paracelsus Medical University and the salzburg university of applied sciences, tries to reproduce the positive effects of the Krimml Waterfall on the respiratory tract using virtual reality technology.

  • VR
  • Photogrammetry


AirRes Mask: A Precise and Robust Virtual Reality Breathing Interface Utilizing Breathing Resistance as Output Modality.
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EatAR tango: portion estimation on mobile devices with a depth sensor.
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Training of carbohydrate estimation for people with diabetes using mobile augmented reality.
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Evaluation der Interaktion mit einer AR-basierten Smartphone-App.
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A mobile augmented reality system for portion estimation.
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Can mobile augmented reality systems assist in portion estimation? A user study.
Stütz T., Dinic R., Domhardt M., Ginzinger S.

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